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Environmental Policy

AVIAM SL maintains a constant commitment to the environment. We work constantly to reduce the impact that our activity might cause and avoid the harmful effect on the environment. This means a rational use of materials and energy in developing our activity.

In a determined effort towards sustainability, AVIAM SL defines the framework in which our services must be given to assure the protection of the environment, and to guarantee those involved in meeting the requirements. It therefore establishes the following bases of its Environmental Policy.

Compliance with legal requirements.

AVIAM SL agrees to comply with the legislation and environmental regulations applicable to all European, national, autonomic and local areas, thus guaranteeing its environmental commitment to all those involved and to the different administrations.


In AVIAM SL we understand that reducing the environmental impact of the use and handling of chemical and cleaning products, the consumption of water and energy and suitable waste management is the central task of our policy of environmental protection.
AVIAM SL agrees to carry out procedures to prevent and control atmospheric pollution, contamination of the sanitary waters and the ground in the development of its activity.

Sustainability and energy efficiency.

AVIAM SL is aware of the volume of waste produced in its activity, and therefore establishes the necessary mechanisms to carry out adequate segregation and optimal recycling, and to reduce its volume.
AVIAM SL agrees to promote energy efficiency in carrying out its activities and to promote the use of ecological technologies and clean energies in its facilities, among its customers and in the dwellings where it gives its services.


With the idea of having a positive influence on the environmental behaviour of all those involved in our activity. AVIAM SL will enhance environmental awareness-raising amongst its workers, suppliers and customers.

We broadly inform and train our employees on environmental aspects related to their activity in AVIAM SL and we encourage them to assure that their behaviour in the workplace is a reflection of our environmental sensitivity.


AVIAM SL makes this environmental policy available to the general public and declares that it will be suitably passed out amongst all employees and to those who work on behalf of our organisation.


All people and companies giving their services on the behalf of AVIAM SL must work according to these premises to ensure that AVIAM SL is recognised for the quality of its services and for giving them in full respect of the environment.

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